Why take a French course at Cours De Français?

  • You will be taught by a native speaker trainer with many years of experience
  • Each Cours De Français course is a tailor-made course
  • Atmosphere of trust in which learning is easy
  • Free intake and training advice
  • Excellent quality at a competitive price


Each Cours De Français course is tailor-made

CDF uses a dynamic approach that relies on oral and interactive communication. We let you discover the French language (grammar, language skills, pronunciation, etc.) through practical exercises (speaking, listening, role-playing, etc.). Emphasis is placed on using the French language with efficiency and confidence in the work environment.

How do you learn to speak French

The participant learns to communicate directly in French with its specific technical terms and jargon. Our learning methods and teaching formulas are constantly adjusted according to your knowledge, objectives and interests. The teaching material is specially compiled for the course.

The CDF team has developed methods for continuous evaluation: level determination in the beginning, mapping out your objectives, composition of an appropriate group, level determination at the end of the journey. This way you can measure your progress and adjust your learning program. Your progress is continuously monitored and put into context.

 “Our trainers prefer to use newspaper articles, YouTube excerpts, leaflets, internet sites and company materials”

Learn French with your personal language coach

We believe in personal contact. “Learning in a relaxed atmosphere” is our motto for a reason. Learning French with your personal language coach is stimulating and effective. The training is completely tailored  on your personal learning needs and learning style. Together with your language coach you determine in advance which specific skills you want to train and which level you want to achieve. Your coach then becomes the stimulator and guide of your learning process.

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