French conversation courses B1 and B2

Conversation course French “La France d’aujourd’hui“

* Our French conversation courses ”La France d’aujourd’hui” are divided into two levels:
1- Pre-Intermediate / level B1
2- Intermediate / level B2 and higher

For whom?

The conversation course ” La France d’aujour’hui ” is designed for anyone who has or wants to maintain a close relationship with France and who is interested in the latest developments in French society. In this course, the various aspects of the social, political and cultural life of contemporary France will be examined and discussed. In this interactive exciting way, participants can further develop their vocabulary and speaking skills.


The themes are consistent with current events and are chosen based on the latest developments in French society. You will be involved in group discussions that promote your confidence. We use articles from the media: newspapers such as Le Monde, magazines, TV5 Monde, YouTube and various websites. The course consists of 12 lessons of 1.5 hours. You will receive a video clip or a newspaper article to prepare for each lesson.