French Business Cursus

Why take a French course at Cours De Français?

  • You will be taught by a native speaker trainer with many years of experience
  • Each Cours De Français course is a tailor-made course
  • Atmosphere of trust in which learning is easy
  • Free intake and training advice
  • Excellent quality at a competitive price

French Business Cursus

In international business, knowledge of the language and culture of a country you are doing business with is very important. Our team of experienced native speaker language trainers will help you learn to communicate clearly and effectively with your French-speaking business associates or colleagues. We offer courses aimed at various industries. Whether you work in sales and marketing, legal services, financial services or logistics and transportation, the Cours De Français language agency offers efficient and motivating business French courses.

Tailor-made programs

We know how important it is to fit in well with practice. That’s why in our in-company business courses, in addition to learning the French language, we pay ample attention to the specific jargon used in your industry. The courses also fit seamlessly with your company’s situation. The learned is therefore directly applicable in practice.

With a custom course, you determine

  • The duration and intensity of the training (for example, you have 1 2-hour class per week).
  • Specific skills or topics you want to focus on.
  • Day and time of the sessions

Course types: Individual course or group course?

All courses at Cours De Français can be taken as individual or group courses. These courses are of all levels, from beginner to advanced (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 the language levels ERK established by the Council of Europe)

Our programs

Our programs are practical and goal-oriented. All in-company course programs are aimed at the needs of individual organizations and their employees.

Our expertise covers the following areas, among others.

  • sales and marketing
  • HRM
  • financial services
  • legal services
  • ICT
  • Technic
  • automotive
  • management / board / board
  • logistics / transport
  • administration
  • aviation sector


The cost of a business French course depends on the length of the course (number of class hours and group size)

  • Cours De Français is recognized by the Central Register of Short Vocational Education (CRKBO). This means that our courses are exempt from VAT

* See our price list for all rates.

Our approach

1. Orientation meeting:

After we get acquainted with your organization, an appointment is scheduled for an intake meeting to identify the specific needs and objectives you wish to achieve with the training.

2. Intake interview:

In a personal conversation with the participant, the starting level of French is determined on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). A complete needs analysis is also carried out. If there are several students, they are classified according to level and learning need.

3. Proposal:

Then you will receive a clear quote with our training recommendation. After approval of this quotation, the start date of the training will be agreed in consultation.

4. Quality control:

We check whether the quality of the training meets your expectations. We do this halfway through and after the training with an intermediate and a final evaluation that the student completes. If necessary, we adjust the content or the training schedule.

5. Final evaluation and certificate:

At the end of the training you will receive a final report prepared by the trainer. This describes the course of the training and issues such as presence, commitment and progress.

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