Terms and Conditions

Why take a French course at Cours De Français?

  • You will be taught by a native speaker trainer with many years of experience
  • Each Cours De Français course is a tailor-made course
  • Atmosphere of trust in which learning is easy
  • Free intake and training advice
  • Excellent quality at a competitive price

Terms and Conditions

Conditions that apply to enrolling in and participating in Cours De Français courses and training

Article 1. Definitions

  • 1.1 CDF is an abbreviation for Cours De Français, located in Amsterdam.
  • 1.2 Course participant The course participant is or are the ones actually going or going to follow the training or course.
  • 1.3 Contractor The contractor is the person who is responsible for the payment of the training. The contractor and the student can also be one and the same person. The term group course refers to a standard evening course offered by Cours De Francais at beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, pre-advanced, level. A lesson refers to the weekly lesson of a course. The term student refers to a participant in a course or training. The term business course or training refers to a tailor-made training for which a specific quotation has been made. A session refers to a lesson of the training.

Article 2. Registration

  • 2.1 CDF invites the student for an intake interview and / or an intake test and / or a general information meeting, prior to drawing up the quotation. CDF reserves the right to charge the costs of the intake interview to the contractor if no agreement is concluded within the meaning of Article 2.2. All courses and quotations are offered without obligation.
  • 2.2 By signing and submitting the quotation to CDF, an agreement is concluded between CDF and the contracting party with regard to the provisions of the quotation. From this moment on, the change scheme and the cancellation scheme come into effect.

Article 3. Course dates

  • 3.1 For group training with open registration, the dates are predetermined. For didactic reasons and to guarantee quality, the minimum number of participants per group training is set at 4 (four) and the maximum number at 7 (seven) participants. CDF reserves the right, in case of too many registrations for one training or insufficient registrations for a specific training, to register the students for the next training in consultation with those involved.
  • 3.2 For training courses not being group training courses with open registration within the meaning of Article 4.1, the dates are determined in consultation with the student and / or contractor. These dates are recorded in writing when the training is confirmed.

Article 4. Copyright

  • 4.1 CDF expressly reserves the copyrights of the materials made available by CDF on behalf of CDF and any other entitled parties. No part of the publication (s) may be reproduced, stored in an automated database or made public in any form or by any means, whether electronic, mechanical, by photocopying, recording or in any other way without the prior consent of CDF. It is not permitted to make the study material available to third parties.

Article 5. Terms of payment

  • Registration takes place by completing and signing the registration form or a quotation from CDF. By registering you are obliged to pay the course fee. A training agreement is entered into when CDF’s quotation is accepted in writing. After registration for the course or after acceptance of the offer, CDF will send an invoice to the student or the contractor.
  • 5.1 CDF always reserves the right to cancel a course if there are insufficient registrations. Any course fees paid will be refunded to the participants within 14 days of notification. If a participant or client wishes to cancel / postpone participation in a course / training, the following payment arrangement applies:
    • a. in case of cancellation / postponement within 14 days from the time of registration, provided you do this at least two weeks before the start of the booked course, no costs are due (reflection period).
    • b. In case of cancellation / postponement within one week (1) before the first lesson of the course, the full registration fee is due.
    • c. in case of cancellation / postponement within 14 days after acceptance of the offer, no costs are owed (reflection period).
    • d. in case of cancellation / postponement after more than 14 days after acceptance of the offer, 20% of the price for the training is due, unless otherwise agreed.
  • 5.2 The contracting party is obliged to pay the training fees as soon as possible after registration, but no later than fourteen days before the start of the training, by transferring the relevant amount to bank account NL13RABO 0341240583 at Rabobank Amsterdam in the name of CDF Cours De Français. If the contractor has not paid the payment within the payment term – the term between the day of the conclusion of the agreement and the day fourteen days before the start of the training, the training fees are immediately and fully due and payable.
  • 5.3 If the contractor does not pay the amount owed on time, he / she owes CDF interest of 1% of the net amount of the training fees, for each month (30 days) or part thereof, starting on the date on which the training fees become due.
  • 5.4 Unless otherwise agreed, payment is deemed to have been made when the bank account referred to in Article 5.1 has been credited.
  • 5.5 The contracting party will be in default by the mere expiry of any agreed payment term, without any notice of default being required.
  • 5.6 CDF may furthermore, insofar as payment has not yet been made under the agreement concluded with the contractor, fully or partially suspend the training until full payment has been received. If, even after a reminder, payment is not made within the specified further period, CDF is authorized to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part by means of a written statement at its discretion, without prejudice to its right to compensation.
  • 5.7 All costs, both extrajudicial and judicial (including costs for legal assistance), which arise for CDF from enforcing its rights against the client, are for the account of the client.

Article 6. Amendment regulation

  • 6.1 The amendment regulation will take effect after CDF has confirmed the training in the sense of article 2.2
  • 6.2 One in five training sessions can be rescheduled free of charge if the change is communicated to CDF at least forty-eight hours (two working days) before the start of the respective session. The training session will then be rescheduled.
  • 6.3 If you cancel within forty-eight hours (two working days), and if the maximum number of cancellations is exceeded, the canceled training dates will not be replaced, unless the student / contractor has agreed on a flexibility clause.
  • 6.4 Flexibility clause All training sessions can be rescheduled free of charge if the change is communicated to CDF at least forty-eight hours (two working days) before the start of the respective session. The training session will then be rescheduled, without prejudice to article
  • 6.5 The additional price of the flexibility clause amounts to twenty percent of the training price.
  • 6.6 A training must be completed within one year of commencement. CDF reserves the right to end the training after this period has expired.
  • 6.7 The regulations and provisions under Article 6 only apply if the student cancels at least forty-eight (two working days) hours in advance at the course administration and if the new date to be scheduled is made by the student in consultation with the course administration.

Article 7. Cancellation scheme

  • 7.1 The cancellation scheme comes into effect after CDF has confirmed the training within the meaning of Article 2.2.After signing an agreement by the client or registration for participation in an open training, a reflection period of a maximum of 14 days applies within which the assignment can be canceled by the client. without any costs being charged by CDF, not including the day of signing or registration (not valid for in-company training).
  • 7.2 Should the student or contractor, after confirmation of the training, wish to postpone the training for compelling reasons, the agreed training fees remain due. If the notice of postponement is received by CDF by registered letter no later than 14 days before the first training day and the training is followed within six months, there will be no additional costs. If these conditions are not met, CDF reserves the right to charge additional administration costs. Early termination or if the student no longer participates in the course in any other way, does not entitle to any refund.
  • 7.3 A group training with open registration can be canceled by the student or contractor at no cost if canceled by email at least two weeks (14) before the start of the training.
  • 7.4 In case of cancellation by CDF, training fees already paid, relating to the training hours not yet taken, will be refunded.
  • 7.5 In the event of the student’s death before the start of the training, no training fees are due.

Article 8. Adjustments by CDF

  • 8.1 In case of illness and / or absence of a trainer for one or more sessions, CDF will, if possible, provide an equivalent replacement.
  • 8.2 If replacement within the meaning of Article 8.1 proves to be impossible, CDF will inform the student of this as soon as possible and plan alternative dates in consultation as soon as possible.
  • 8.3 In the event of illness and / or absence of a trainer, a student / contractor is not entitled to (damage) compensation.

Article 9. confidentiality

  • Even after termination of the agreement, the client and the contractor will observe confidentiality with regard to all information made available to them by the other party in the context of the realization and execution of an assignment and of which the confidential nature either indicated or can be reasonably inspected.

Article 10. Relationship clause

  • By signing the order confirmation, the contractor declares that for two years after the end of the training in question, he will not approach any trainers affiliated with CDF in order to request them to provide training in any way for the contractor outside CDF. All this subject to forfeiture of an immediately due and payable fine of € 2500, owed without judicial intervention, without prejudice to CDF’s right to claim additional damage from the contractor.

Article 11. Applicable law

  • This agreement and its implementation are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

Article 11. Disputes

  • All disputes, of whatever nature – including those that are regarded as such by only one of the parties – that may arise between the student / contractor and CDF as a result of this agreement or the agreements resulting from it, exclusion from the competence of any other body will be settled by the competent district court or the subdistrict court under which the actual place of business of CDF falls.

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