Conversation course: les ateliers du cinéma

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Theme courses “Les ateliers du cinéma”

from level B1

For whom?

The course “les ateliers du cinéma” is aimed in particular at fans of French films who also want to further develop their knowledge of the French language and culture under expert supervision. This course consists of 5 studios / workshops that are treated in 10 lessons of 2 hours (20 hours in total). During each studio you will see highlights from different periods of French cinema. You will receive information about this plus a concise lexicon.


  • Atelier 1: Highlights from early French cinema.
    L’Atalante by Jean Vigo. Quai des Brumes and Les Enfants du Paradis by Marcel Carné (dialogues by Prévert). La Règle du Jeu by Jean Renoir. Abel Gance’s films such as La Roue and Napoléon.
  • Atelier 2: La Nouvelle vague, 1950s-60s
    Pickpocket by Robert Bresson, A bout de souffle by Jean Godard, Jules et Jim by François Truffaut. Hiroschima mon amour by Alain Resnais (scenario: M. Duras). Moderato Cantabile by Peter Brook (based on the novel by M. Duras).
  • Atelier 3: The “campaign profonde” in French cinema since the 1980s.
    La vie moderne by Raymond Depardon. Etre et Avoir by Nicolas Philibert. Visage villages of Agnès Varda.
  • Atelier 4: The urban landscape of Paris in French cinema.
    Le ballon rouge from Lamorisse. La traversée de Paris by Autant-Lara. Zazie dans le métro by Louis Malle. Paris by Cédric Klapisch. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain from JP. Jeunet. Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. Paris, je t’aime …
  • Atelier 5: Highlights and humor in contemporary French cinema.
    JP. Jeunet (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain and others), François Ozon (Sous le sable; Dans la maison), Patrice Chéreau (Son frère, Gabrielle), Bruno Dumont (Camille Claudel 1915). Michael Haneke (Caché; Amour), Xavier Dolan (J’ai tué ma mère, Mommy, …) Les intouchables by Toledano and Nakache. Bienvenue chez les Ch’ti by Dany Boon.


During the workshops, the film genre, style, period and the filmic / technical approach of the filmmakers are explained. On the basis of the trailers and a few selected film scenes, the participants describe places, actions, characters and their behavior or motives and other interesting aspects from the film in question.
We then discuss the press critiques: how the film was received and how it came across to us. You can compare your impressions and test them against the descriptions and critiques of the film.
You will receive a video clip or a newspaper article to prepare for each lesson. The working language is French so that you can also improve your communication skills.

The trainer

The course “les ateliers du cinéma” is given by drs. Anja-Hélène van Zandwijk. She was born in France, where she grew up as a bilingual. Anja-Hélène gives courses, workshops and guest appearances in the field of French language and culture, literature and cinema in cultural centers, colleges and universities. In recent years she has focused on the new developments in contemporary literature and cinema.

Upcoming start dates 2019

September from 10 am to 12 noon

Thematic course “les ateliers du cinéma” from level B1

  • on Wednesdays from 10am to 12pm
  • 10 weeks every Wednesday
  • 10 lessons of 2 hours (20 hours in total)
  • You pay € 275 instead of € 390 (including the material)

Good to know:

Teaching materials

Folder about the French cinema and a concise lexicon

Study load:

1 to 2 hours a week


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Where does the course take place?

Training location:
Maison de L'Echappée Belle
Spiegelgracht 2A
1017 JR Amsterdam


Tram 16 and 24 Stop Vijzelgracht.
Tram 7 and 10: Stop Spiegelgracht

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