French Death Eaters

You may have heard it as a child when you asked what you were going to eat tonight: Husse with your nose in the middle. French children are also told this kind of death eaters. We have collected 6 for you.

  • To start with the answer to the question of what we’re going to eat tonight: Des cailloux (pebbles) .
  • Those who are hungry, but if the food is not ready yet, can hear this:
    Mange ta main et garde l’autre pour demain! (eat your hand and save the other for tomorrow)
  • For those who forget to turn off the light:
    C’est pas Versailles ici! (we are not here in Versailles)
  • For those who tell an obvious lie:
    Et mon cul c’est du poulet (and my ass is made of chicken)
  • For those in a bad mood:
    Mange des carottes, ça rend aimable (eat carrots, it makes you nicer)
  • Those having a tantrum better be encouraged:
    Pleure un coup, tu pisseras moins (cry loudly, then you have to pee less)