Delicacy: chestnuts

When you say autumn, you say chestnuts. From October it is harvest time and after that you can roast, smoke, mash, bake the chestnuts …

The possibilities of a chestnut are almost endless. For example, you use farine de châtaigne (chestnut flour) to bake cakes or cookies. Crème de marron is a slightly sweet cream that is not only delicious in sweet cakes, but also with ice cream or on crêpes. Confiture de châtaigne is a type of jam. And then there is also chestnut syrup and chestnut liqueur. Marron glacé was invented for the real sweet tooth.

Can’t wait? Many chestnuts are only for sale in winter, but you can also go to various (web) stores, such as HAZEL .

Fancy some real French chestnut soup? A video with a recipe (click on ‘show more’ on the page) for Cousina de Marithé can be found at Les Carnets de Julie at YouTube .