France in Amsterdam

It can happen just like that: that feeling that you miss France, while the holiday is still far away. And what should you do? Fortunately, you can supplement your vitamin F (rankijk) in Amsterdam. Our top 3:


Want to taste wines with good food? 2 years ago, the Parisian Caroline Moisson and the Corsican Anthony Mariotti opened their Baravin in the Amsterdam Pijp. With over 100 wines from all French wine regions, it is a good thing that a sommelier helps you choose a wine to your taste.
Le Baravin[http://www /] , Gerard Doustraat 82 HS, Amsterdam. Tel: 020 221 8162


Wine fans cannot ignore it at the moment: the so-called natural wines, the vins naturels. Natural wine is made without pesticides, artificial additives and almost or no sulphite. And then they are also not filtered, which makes them look cloudy. And the taste? Well, you can go to Glouglou for that. In the back is a shop where the wines are sold.
Glouglou[https://glouglou .nl /] , 2e van der Helststraat 3, Amsterdam. Tel: 020 233 8642

Cafe Caron

A real family restaurant: the whole family of the well-known French chef Alain Caron can be found here. French atmosphere, French dishes, French wine and that in the middle of the Amsterdam Pijp.
Cafe Caron[http://www /] , Frans Halsstraat 28 H, Amsterdam. Tel: 020 675 8668