Is it on or over?

Is it on or over?

Expressions in a language other than your native language can still be a tricky business. We help you on your way. This time: expressions with the word “tomber” (fall).

Tomber dans les pommes .
If you fall for apples, you will pass out.

Tomber dans le panneau
You might translate Panneau as a plate, but the word is used here in a different (less known) meaning, namely a trap for birds. And then the meaning becomes a lot clearer: Falling into a trap.

Tomber comme un crepe
If you go flat on your face, you will fall like a, yes, pancake. But then such an elegant French crepe, maybe that makes a difference.

Laisser tomber
You may already know them. If you want to say never mind, drop it in French.

Tomber à pic
If you arrive right on time, you use this expression. Even if something comes in handy (when something comes at a good time), you can use ‘Ça tombe à pic’.

Good to know now, because maybe your vacation plans have fallen into disrepair. You do not use the word ‘tomber’ with the expression ‘fall into the water’. In French you say ‘aller à vau-l’eau’.