Fake friends

When you learn French words, it makes a difference if the French word already exists in Dutch. But beware, the meaning can sometimes differ considerably.

Faux amis , or French words that are (almost) the same in our language, but really mean something different can be real instincts. Below you will find a few:

Amateur means both lover and amateur

Bonbon means candy. You use le chocolat if you mean such a delicious filled chocolate.

Mushroom has a broader meaning than with us: it means mushroom. If you want an edible mushroom, you are talking about le mushroom de Paris , or even mushroom comestible .

Conductor means driver (of a vehicle), and on the train your ticket is checked by a contrôleur/-euse .

Grass means fat, and our grass is (la)herbe in French.

Gravy means juice. You can also use the word for what you pour over your potatoes, although you often use (le) jus de viande for that, but usually (la) sauce .

Location almost never means location, but a rental property , or you will find the word in, for example, une voiture de location . If you are looking for a word for location, choose le site , le lieu or la situation .