France in your kitchen

Want to taste France? You can also do this at home in your own kitchen. Take your taste buds on a journey through France.

We start in the Dordogne. The walnut from the Périgord is known throughout France. And you can use that walnut in many recipes. How about, for example , fresh cheese lollipops with nuts from the Périgord ? Or walnut cake ? The recipes are of course the best with real walnuts from the region, but you can of course also just take those from the Netherlands. For more recipes with the noix du Périgord, see this page .

Of course, you should not miss Provence. Everyone knows the fougasse, the French break bread. If you make this fougasse Provençale, your kitchen is guaranteed to smell like the South of France. Also tasty: pistou, the Provencal sauce that resembles Italian pesto. You can use the sauce over vegetables and pasta, or as a base for soupe au pistou. And if you really want to make your kitchen smell like Provence, make lavender ice cream . Do not buy the lavender from the supermarket or garden center; these are usually not for consumption. Search online for edible lavender, or look in a store like Ekoplaza.

Finally, are you going to Normandy? The regional cuisine is known for not being very good for the weight. But for once it should be possible, right? This Normandy apple pie with crème frache , for example, is so delicious that you should forget about your diet for a while. Or how about puff pastry flaps of sausage, apples and camembert ? More recipes from Normandy can be found on this page .